Humboldt Penguin Factfile

Scientific Name : Spheniscus humbolti

World Distribution

They come from the coasts of Chile and Peru, where the sea is cooled by the Humboldt current ( that's how they got their name.)


Although some types of penguin live in frozen places, Humboldts actually live in tussocky grassland close to the sea. It can get quite hot!


They eat fish, which they grab with their sharp strong beaks whilst swimming underwater. Spiny tongues help to grab the fish and push it backwards as the penguin swallows.


Humboldts are eaten by leopard seals, killer whales, sharks and skuas (big sea birds). Chicks are in danger when the parent birds are off fishing , so they huddle together in groups for protection.


Penguins pair for life. They make nests in caves, where they burrow into guano (dry bird droppings) . Usually two eggs are leaid, and both parents help to keep them warm. The chicks are fluffy and helpless when they are born, and rely on their parents to bring them food until they are about 3 months old. They do not grow adult feathers until they are over a year old.

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