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Learning pathway (work in progress)

The following is a work in progress and is for guidance only. It attempts to organise core ICT skills in this strand into order to allow efficient progression. Any of these skills can be introduced at any stage - however it is suggested that a teacher in any given year group should expect students to have achieved at least the skills stated in previous years.

CommunicationData Handling
Personal OrganisationModelling
Education Improvement Service
Applied ICT
Learning Pathways
Screenshot20111216at101309logoNewsNewsCurriculumCurriculumTop TipsTop TipsICT StrategyICT StrategyitsLearningitsLearningGlossaryTransferAfl (ICT)CoverageAssessmentComputer ScienceDigital MediaFrameworkOverviewCreate a simple 3D ModelCreate simple Numerical modelAutofill on Spreadsheet.Spreadsheet to perform calculationsConsider the vlidityof the resultsAsk more complex questions ofUse a graphing program toCarry out a larger surveyDesign a data collectionDiscuss questionnaire design - howAs part of another Introduction to aBegin to make more useUse of Learning PlatformIdentify the best/safest place toAs appropriate (as part ofAs appropriate (as part ofKnow what an appropriate filenameSpotlight search techniquesConsider “when to print” (costs)Develop ability to send andinserting into another app/docsolve simple problemsUse a spreadsheet to performCreate a simple spreadsheet formula Create simple 2D modelUndertake a collaborative writing exerciseUse the info in aCreate a graph or tableCarry out a simple surveyMake a simple data collectionPose a question that mightCommenting on blogsSharingemailPrint to pdfUploading/downloadingIntroduction to Exporting and SharingDifference between 'Save' and 'SaveCreate a simple 3D ModelCreate simple 2D modelUse a spreadsheet to performAsk what the results ofUse the info in aDisplay results as a graphCarry out a simple surveyLook at ways of dataPose a question (hypothesis) thatBranching Database'Airdrop'Trackpad gesturesPrint ⌘PUse QR codes / clickFurther develop keyboard (familiarity andLog in to cloud storageUse a simple passwordOrganise documents into foldersCreate/name foldersSave (⌘S) andLook at different ways ofRecord the results of aTransfer pictures off a cameraHow to zoom in andAlt ⌥ dragDuplicate ⌘Dcopy/pasteKeyboard ShortcutsModifier KeysDouble clicking to Open Folders,How to scrollKeyboard use using more thanDiference between Single Click (select/hyperlinks)Keyboard skillsSimple keyboard useTake part in a simpleRole play involving old ICTDiscuss safe use of classroom