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Assessment - Fitness for Purpose

Throughout this (Isle of Man) scheme, we have made references to something we call ‘Fit for Purpose’.

Now in fact this aspect is pretty fundamental to the UK assessment levels from about Level 2 upwards.

Most of this is common sense. In short - does the solution achieve what it sets out to achieve? For example in a presentation - is the text legible - maybe from the back of a large hall? In a podcast, are the words intelligible? A booklet aimed at a specific audience - is it on target? An experiment aimed at measuring ambient light in a classroom - does it accurately do this?

All too often, the answer is ‘no’.

This is where the ‘testing’, ‘reviewing’ and ‘modifying’ bit comes in - establishing the extent to which the solution works and if not - putting it right.

Even if a ‘working’ solution remains elusive - provided that this is acknowledged and understood, then this is an acceptable outcome.

Education Improvement Service
Fitness for Purpose May include (in no
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